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Family Law

Family Law with Bluestein and DouglasOur firm practices primarily in the Family Court area. Family Court is a separate court, which deals with divorce, custody, property distribution, spousal support, name changes, orders for protection from domestic abuse, child support, and abuse and neglect cases (DSS cases). Our firm practices in all of these areas. Our firm also drafts wills, powers of attorney and living wills. We do not practice any other kinds of law.

Over the years, the area of family law has become increasingly complex. Many litigants as well as lawyers, both young and old, do not know this. There is sometimes an assumption that family law is basic and that any kind of lawyer can practice some family law on the side. The South Carolina ethics provisions do not allow attorneys to hold themselves out as experts in any field, and so it is important to fully research your lawyer to make sure they are quite familiar with the intricacies of Family Court disputes. We at Bluestein & Douglas believe it is important to you, no matter how simple or complex your divorce, separation or custody case is, to have an attorney who is familiar with the judges, mediators, other attorneys, and law in South Carolina.

Another consideration in choosing an attorney is whether the attorney is giving you straightforward and realistic advice. Everyone wants to hear that they are going to get the best possible outcome at very little cost. It is important to understand everything involved in the resolution of family law disputes. We strive to be as up-front and direct as possible in assessing your case and giving you realistic feedback on what we believe to be your chances of success.

Recent News

Natalie Parker Bluestein is 2014 President of the Charleston County Bar Association

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Protecting the Nest by John Carroll Doyle

Family Law

We are a Family Law firm, meaning we help clients with divorces, custody disputes, support matters, and other cases in Family Court. Our cases are mostly in Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley Counties, but we also have cases in Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton and other counties.

Collaborative Law

Both Natalie Parker Bluestein and Jane Nussbaum Douglas are certified to practice Collaborative Law. If you and your estranged spouse have talked about trying to handle your case amicably, Collaborative Law may be what you are looking for. We maintain a list of other attorneys in the area who are certified in Collaborative Law for you to give to your spouse after you have met with us, so that the case can proceed collaboratively. You can find out more about collaborative law by clicking here.


Natalie Parker Bluestein is a Certified Family Court Mediator. She mediates cases for unrepresented litigants and for litigants who are represented by other counsel. Most of the contested cases we have go to mediation with a certified Family Court Mediator. You can find out more about mediation by clicking here.

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